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Spartans Go Beyond


University of Tampa's Photography Club is a fairly new club with three years of experience under its belt, photographing landscapes, architecture, portraits, and more. The most important part of their role as a photographer lies in relating to other human beings. Every face has a tale to tell, and every person has a piece of wisdom to share. Coming from varying backgrounds of graphic design, biology, film, business, and more...this diverse club finds their common ground in photography. Would you like to document a journey or campaign? Want to hang out with laid-back individuals? Get in touch today for more information. It is an open club, so anyone can join! Background shot by Ellis Catalán.

Leather Camera


Photography is Art

Photography is a genuine art form, which University of Tampa's Photography Club demonstrates through their wide portfolio of photographs. It’s a way to capture moments and make them magical. University of Tampa's Photography Club is passionate about incorporating new people and styles of photography into their family. They believe that the most important quality of a photograph, as in all art, is to evoke an emotional response.

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University of Tampa, Tampa, FL 33602, USA


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